Personal Approach for Customer Service

When it comes to protecting your family, never settle for less than the best. Tri-valley Insurance delivers the best for a price you will love! If you’re shopping for a policy while buying a car, or simply trying to save money, check with us first–our specialists know how to get the best combination of price and coverage. Remember, at Tri-valley Insurance, “we don’t sell insurance, we help you buy insurance!”

Safety, Security, Peace of Mind, Confidence

Here at Trivalley Insurance, our goal is to help you obtain the coverage you want for the price you want. Having great insurance makes all the difference when the unexpected happens, and our advantage is that we help you with the claims process should an accident occur. In the midst of a problem, the last thing you want to do is wait on hold for a call center. That’s why we are locally based, to meet with you whatever your need.

Coverage When you Need it Most

Before you roll of the lot of the dealership, make sure you check with us to get your new vehicle covered! One of the biggest things we do is work with policies when a car gets sold, so we will work with your policy to make sure you are covered before you leave the lot! It literally could not be more simple, and the reason is, at TriValley Insurance, we emphasize customer first service, taking our time to save you money.